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By奥本 光城

5月 9, 2023

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There is a trick to generating the desired photos and illustrations with Ai. Especially for business use, we recommend generating with Leonardo Ai and set a light 3D. This time, I will tell you how to effectively create two illustrations related to the assumed net article creation.

1.Think from the image in set a light 3D

set a light 3D is a photography simulator. You can create the model’s clothes, facial expressions, pose settings, and the installation of small items such as furniture and tools. You can set the lighting equipment and shoot.

I rely on AI drawing for the details. Here is the whole image. Launch set a light 3D and create an image.

2.Create a prompt

Prompts write out the overall image, the age and appearance of the characters, the background image and atmosphere, etc.

Beach, sunset sky, bright background. Wedding photo using strobe, happiness, real photo.」

3.Ai drawing with Leonardo Ai

With Leonardo Ai, you can find illustrations of images you want to create on Home and community feeds. Once you find it, get the prompt from there. Add to the prompt the prompt that you thought of earlier and made with the English translation tool. In doing so, remove unnecessary stuff and prompts. You can also just select the drawing model you want to use in your drawing and enter the prompt. This is because there are illustrations that you can meet while controlling the randomness.

I actually made more illustrations. I will experiment more and more while changing the effect level of the reference illustration, selecting the creation engine to create, deleting and adding prompts, etc. There is a limit of one day that can be created for free use, so it is recommended to use it for a fee.

However, I believe that as of 2023.5.7, this method is the best as of May 7, 2023, as you can expect the final finish from the beginning by creating a base image with set a light 3D. Click the banner below to jump to the download site where you can use the free trial for 15 days. Try it. It also supports Japanese. After downloading, you can proceed with English for the time being, and find and change the characters of “Japanese” from the upper setting.

set.a.light 3D
For Photographers

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