Light Up Your Photography with set a light 3D

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If you’re a photographer looking to improve your lighting skills, set a light 3D is a powerful tool that can take your work to the next level. This virtual lighting simulator allows you to plan and test different lighting setups before ever stepping foot in a real studio.

set.a.light 3D - for Photographers


  • Regulate flash output and use over 50 different flash and speedlight attachments(BASIC/STUDIO)
  • Add continuous light sources like LED panels and practical lights(STUDIO)
  • Define the size of your virtual studio and add furniture(STUDIO)
  • Simulate camera properties like aperture, shutter speed, and focal length(BASIC/STUDIO)
  • Apply color gels and change the color temperature of your lights(STUDIO)
  • Save and export lighting setups as PDF plans to implement in the real world(BASIC/STUDIO)

Once you’ve created a lighting setup in the software, you can export it as a PDF plan with all the technical details to replicate it exactly. This removes all the guesswork when actually shooting, letting you maximize your precious time with models and clients.

set a light 3D is designed for both professional photographers and beginners looking to improve their craft. Key features like pre-attached light modifiers, templates, and realistic physics simulations make it easy to learn. But advanced features like high-resolution models, fully customizable posing, and an intuitive workflow keep the program valuable for pros as well.

If you’re ready to take your lighting skills to the next level and start creating breathtaking photos, a virtual lighting simulator like set a light 3D is a must. Experiment with different lighting ideas from the comfort of your home, then watch as your real-world photos transform when you implement your improved lighting plans.

Shall we choose BASIC or STUDIO

Anyway, try both with a free trial download. Then choose the cheaper one or the more expensive one. Of course, there is no upper limit. Even the studio can be expanded to 100m square.

set.a.light 3D - for Photographers

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